Number Formats


Attribute Type Description
Read-only attribute
id Integer Unique identifier in Fakturoid
Read-only attribute
format String Format
Read-only attribute
preview String Preview of number format
Read-only attribute
default Boolean Default number format
Read-only attribute
created_at DateTime Date and time of number format creation
Read-only attribute
updated_at DateTime Date and time of last number format update
  • Required attribute
    Required attribute (must always be present).
  • Read-only attribute
    Read-only attribute (cannot be changed).
  • Write-only attribute
    Write-only attribute (will not be returned).
  • Unmarked attributes are optional and can be omitted during request.

Number Formats Index

Number formats are read-only, please use the web interface to change or create a new one. Only unarchived number formats are returned.

A number format can only be assigned when creating an invoice. An attempt to change the number format while editing an invoice will return 422 Unprocessable Entity.




Name Value
User-Agent YourApp (

URL Parameters

Name Description Type Example
slug Account name String applecorp


Status 200 OK


    "id": 31,
    "format": "#yyyy#-#dddd#",
    "preview": "2023-0001, 2023-0002, ..., 2023-9999",
    "default": true,
    "created_at": "2023-11-06T13:01:40.816+01:00",
    "updated_at": "2023-11-06T13:01:40.816+01:00"